April 16, 2020 1 min read

The Peshtemal towels were first woven in the 18th century, in modern day Bursa a large city in Turkey and were used as Hammam (Turkish bath) towels, traditionally used in baths. A staple of Ottoman Hamam culture, dating back hundreds of years, the peshtemal was originally designed to help bathers maintain their privacy. In addition to being highly absorbent, pestemals dry faster than thicker towels.

Turkish Towel
They are also perfect for the Beach, Sun blocker for pushchairs / baby stroller, nursing / breastfeeding cover, decorative for the home / sofa throw, table cover - runner, yoga mat or even as a  scarf / wrap in the colder winter months.
Quick dry timeThinner than traditional towels, Peshtemal air-dry very quick. No need to tumble dry (taking a little less stress off this planet of ours!)

Space saving and light weightCompared to a traditional bath or beach towel, a Peshetmal weighs less and packs smaller.

Highly absorbent - Longer cotton fibres give Turkish cotton its amazing absorbency, meaning Turkish towels are a excellent choice for the beach, swimming pool, spa or bath / shower.

Super soft - Regular use actually increases softness – meaning your Turkish towel only keeps on getting better.

Handmade - Support small businesses. 

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