May 10, 2020 2 min read

No one likes wasting food or cash. Here are helpful tips for storing all the ingredients in your kitchen so they will last as long as possible.
Sadly 30% of all food that’s bought is never used and just gets wasted. Use these tips to mean you massively reduce any waste. It’s a win all round by storing fresh produce correctly.
Save yourself money by storing all your fruit and vegetables correctly so they stay good for longer. Meaning your food will have more flavour, you’ll waste less money and time shopping.

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To keep all your leafy greens like spinach, kale and rocket fresh, place them on paper towels and them in Dr Save reusable vacuum food bags. The towels will absorb moisture and stop them from getting damp, rotting and wilting.
Wrap unripe avocados in a paper bag or newspaper with an apple or banana at room temp and they will be ripe in 1-3 days. This is the only way to ripen avocados that works. While you can't freeze whole avocados, youcan freeze either halved, sliced, or mashed avocado. Use the Dr Save reusable vacuum bags to store in the freezer.

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Once avocados are ripe either eat ASAP or move to the fridge as they go bad quickly!

Keep Apples in an airtight Dr Save reusable vacuum food bag in the fridge to last for weeks and not days. As they release gasses that affect other fruits and veggies causing them to go off.

Onions and Potatoes stored together cause each other to go off. 

Never store onions and potatoes together as the gasses they each release cause the other to go off. Store separately in Dr Save reusable vacuum food bags then both somewhere cool and dark.

You can also prolong the lifespan of just about any produce — fruit or veggie — by freezing it at peak ripeness. 

Pro tip: If you like smoothies, freeze your favorite combinations of fruits and vegetables in Dr Save reusable vacuum food bag. Then just toss them into the blender with milk or water and enjoy.

As for bread, you'll want to store it on your countertop or in a bread drawer. Keeping it in the fridge actually causes it to mold more quickly because of moisture. Seal the bread with Eco Saver.

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