January 08, 2020 3 min read

Have you reach towards the tatty photo albums in the bookcase.

Opening one, selected at random, taking you back more than 20, 30, 40 years into your childhood.

On the one hand, children are the most photographed in history with more than 52 million snaps uploaded on Instagram globally every day and 350 million to Facebook. Yet many are rarely looked at again, while, only 23 percent of photos taken end up in a traditional album, the rest will remain forever on accounts to which we’ve forgotten the passwords, or on obsolete hard drives, making them inaccessible to us and future generations.

An Album is Something You Can Hold in Your Hands

Are we breeding a 'lost generation' who won't have photo albums to capture their lives?

People love to gather around an album to touch and feel the quality as well as admire the images. They are great for evoking memories and bringing families together – there’s always a story behind the picture! No other media comes close to creating a social occasion – simply by opening a photo album you have family enjoying (and sometimes mocking) their siblings’ earlier days.

‘Looking at family photos helps children create a sense of identity and gives them the gift of the past,’

Living in this digital era, people often forget the feeling of looking through photo albums with loved ones and reminiscing on past moments, stories, and experiences. Swiping through pictures on a phone screen or clicking through a computer file does not compare to the joy that our families will feel when discovering memories previously forgotten.

As can be seen, photo albums are very important in preserving our memories and telling our stories in the future. Photo albums can become very special items in our lives, especially because each album is filled with unique, individual photos that tell a story and reflect a moment we would like to remember. Just think of the smiles that these memories will bring and the laughs that each special story will create. 

Digital files allow for easy online sharing, computer access, and individual editing. Although this is a resourceful option, there are 

consequences that we may not realize immediately. Photos we love may get buried in countless folders or lost in our computers and phones. Backups may fail, causing us to neglect or forget memories that we have documented throughout the years of our lives.

For this reason, we need to realize the importance of photo albums. Photos are essential to saving memories. There are innumerable memories stored inside our brains, so it may not always be easy to recall them to our minds. However, photos can act as triggers that will prompt the memories to surface to our remembrance. Filling photo albums with our pictures can be a blessing for our families today and our future families to come.


Share Your Favorite Memories

Looking through a photo album when you're feeling nostalgic has a special personal meaning. Not only will you get to enjoy them for yourself, but also you'll share those personal snapshots with your loved ones. Each image comes with a story, and having that visual reference will create an easy way to connect with your family about your experiences. 

 Make New Memories

You can make the creation of your memory-filled photo album a brand new memory in itself. Try involving your children and friends in the experience by hosting a scrapbook making party. You'll tell stories, spend time with your loved ones, and put together past special moments in a fun experience. 

Create a Keepsake For Your Loved Ones

By putting together a photo album with love, you'll have a special gift to give to your children as they grow up. They'll see snapshots of stories, all about their family. From special events like birthdays and weddings, to daily hilarity and inside jokes, your album will be something precious that can be shared and gifted to your family members generation after generation before it’s too late. When your daughters and sons are adults, do you want them to be able to snuggle up with their children and point (and laugh) at the terrible nighties hairstyles and fashions? Do you want to give the next generation, who’ll inhabit a future I can’t even begin to imagine, a solid sense of their past. 


No electronics!
No internet connections to fiddle with!
No searching computer files!

Just open the photo album and enjoy it! 


It could not be simpler.


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