The ECO SEALER is an skilful heat sealer using Micro-Thermal Technology. You will find that the ECO SEALER will help you reducing food wasting and soon will become the most frequently used tool in your home!

The ECO SEALER seals plastic, foil or cellophane packets and bags in seconds. From salad bags to crisp packets, now you can seal any bag to keep the freshness inside.

The Eco Sealer will protect your stored food from bacteria in the air, extending the life of your fresh. It is Rechargeable.

Product Features

  • Helps maintaining vitamin and mineral content of food
  • Helps protecting fragile souvenirs, gifts, remote controls etc. from moisture and dust 
  • Creates Seals airtight and watertight
  • Safer environment for your refrigerator
  • Seals any kind of plastic bag up to 0.3 mm thickness
  • With the magnet strip on the backside, ECO SEALER is always ready to use on the refrigerator
  • Life time guarantee!!!

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