Vavana Buddies Car Fragrance by Be In A Good Mood

Our fragrance products, which have aesthetic and original design, bring freshness to the atmosphere of your vehicle. It is sufficient to attach the products that do not need water and electricity to the ventilation cover and open the ventilation for optimum diffusion. The types of auto fragrances that decorate your vehicle with their colorful designs are effective for about 30 days. BPA and liquid-free auto fragrance options can be used with peace of mind in vehicles with elderly and children, as they do not contain harmful ingredients.
What Should the Ideal Auto Smell Be Like?

Drivers spend time in the car every day. Sometimes long trips and sometimes traffic problems increase the difficulty of this situation. Auto fragrance options, which create an aromatherapy effect for drivers, provide refreshment in the vehicle. Ideal auto fragrance should consist of a qualified formula that does not harm human health. It should easily remove tobacco, air conditioner and food odors in the vehicle.

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