Pink Ginger Beauty - Vegan Pink Clay Mask , Moisturizing Cream, Cealnsing Gel Spatula

  • CLEANSING GEL: Wipes away the dirt and sebum gently with soft cleansing agents. Salicylic acid help unclog the pores and remove the dead skin cells providing a rejuvenated and luminous look. Witch hazel extract soothes skin and diminishes the pores. Ginger oil with high antioxidant content protects skin and detoxifies.
  • CREAM 50ML : Moisturizes and softens with hyaluronic acid. Salicylic acid removes the dead skin cells, niacinamide provides smoothness. Helps prevent formation of darks spots and brightens. Antioxidant ginger oil protects skin. Provides protection against the damages of UV rays. Skin looks luminous, soft and supple.
  • DETOX CLAY MASK: Cleanses deeply the clogged pores with natural clay, helps skin look purified and bright. Cleansed pores look diminished. Balances sebum level with niacinamide. Salicylic acid helps remove dead cells while witch hazel extract rejuvenates. Antioxidant pomegranate extract and vitamin C protect and lighten the skin, providing an even skin tone. Protects against early skin aging with ginger oil.
  • HAIR HEADBANK: Skin friendy material is 70% cotton. Pink Ginger headbands are made of towel cloth of good quality, soft and breathable, skin-friendly, very comfortable to wear. Adjustable Pink Ginger Headbands are 110 cm length by 10 cm wide
  • SPATULA: Easy to apply thin layers of skincare products evenly. Soft and hygienic. Suitable for sensitive skin face and body, professional and home use. Suitable for facial mask, peel, serum, and other skincare products.

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